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Understanding Ohio Car Insurance

Just moved to Ohio and wondering what does car insurance entail here? You’ve come to the right place.

This article will cover the details of car accidents’ financial responsibility but also talk about what minimum requirements exist when it comes to car insurance coverage when liability is involved. Also, keep in mind that when you’re looking for car insurance, keep your budget and lifestyle in mind before making a decision. Ideally, the car insurance you buy should be more than the state’s minimum requirements with regards to an auto policy.

How does Car Insurance work in Ohio?

In Ohio, the financial responsibility of compensation lies with the party due to whom the accident happened. The compensation goes to the party that has been harmed due to the collision. The compensation happens in one of the three ways that have been mentioned below.

  • The harmed party can file a claim with their insurance company if the loss can be covered under its policy.
  • The harmed party can file a third-party claim with the driver’s insurance company
  • A personal injury lawsuit can also be filed against the person ‘at fault’ in a civil court

In states that don’t follow the same principles as Ohio, these options are not available to the harmed party. If you are injured as a result of a car accident, your only way out is to go to your own insurance company and ask them to cover your losses and pay for the damages. If you want to make a claim against the driver, there has to be a few limitations that need to be full filled. Ohio’s neighboring states, such as Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan is no-fault car insurance states.

Coverage Requirements
Bodily Injury Liability 25,000 / 50,000
Property Damage Liability 25,000

As per Ohio’s car insurance requirements, if you’re looking to purchase liability car insurance, you should include:

  • An amount of $25,000 for a death caused by the car accident. This can be either the passenger, pedestrian, or another driver that you’ve collided with.
  • An amount of $50,000 for all injuries caused by accident. These also include deaths.
  • An amount of $25,000 for property damage resulting from the accident.

Although these are the minimum requirements that car insurance companies cover, it is always a smart move to arrange more protection. This is because the minimum requirements can be drained due to just one accident. If the accidents caused by you exceed one, you’ll be liable to pay for damages from your assets, which can leave you bankrupt.

If the accident is caused by a family member or to an individual who was driving your vehicle with permission, the insurance will cover them. In fact, if you’re driving a rental car, you are likely to be covered for that as well. Remember, when you drive, always carry your ID with you. You can be stopped during your journey and asked to present it. Not having it on you will cause further problems.

The insurance we have discussed is only applicable if you are the party who is at fault. If you’re involved in an accident, and there is no other party, there should be insurance that covers your medical expenses and other losses. Personal Injury Protection and MedPay coverage are both great options that will take care of the medical bills. In addition, the damage caused to your car because of the impact of the collision under this.

A lot of people purchase bundle insurance policies that tie together home and car insurance together. This makes you eligible for a multi-policy discount and gives you an extra cushion in case anything goes wrong.

The Ohio state offers a program called the Ohio Good Drive Discount. As the name suggests. You are rewarded for your driving when you meet the criteria set by the state. To qualify, the driver has to be at least 21 years of age. Other requirements include:

  • Valid and verifiable driving experience for 5 years or more.
  • No history of DUI, speeding or similar violations for 5 years or more
  • No history of accidents that have been the direct fault of the individual in question in the same period of time.

These rules have been defined by the Ohio Insurance Code and allow a driver to avail a discount on their auto insurance premium.

Discounts for members of clubs, organizations, and groups

A number of educational institutes, professional organizations, and alumni groups offer discounts to members. While searching for insurance that fits the bill, it is important to let the insurance company know what organizations and entities you’re a part of. If they are included in the discount list of the company, you get to avail a special discount.

Discounts for Students

Are you a full-time student between the age of 16 and 24? You get to avail a discount on your car insurance on account of several factors such as:

The ability to have a B average or maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Ranking among those students in the class who have managed to secure a position in the upper 20% of grades

You have been part of the upper 20% for tests such as PSAT. PACT, ACT, and SAT-1 in the past one year. Have a detailed discussion with your car insurance companies if you fulfill any of the above criteria. What’s more, you may even get to know other deals being offered and compare the pro and cons of your options in order to make an informed decision.

Why is it necessary to buy insurance in Ohio?

We all know the benefits of buying car insurance; however, it is mandatory in Ohio to have one. If you happen to be driving without liability insurance or documents that provide with other forms of coverage, you will be penalized apart from having to prove that you would comply with the financial responsibility laws of the state. These include:

  • Suspension of driver’s license for up to 90 days. If you are a repeat offender, the suspension can be extended to a year.
  • The vehicle you own will be impounded, and the license plates will be confiscated.
  • To get back the license, you will have to pay a penalty of $75. If you violate the laws regularly, you will be obliged to pay $500 for reinstatement of the driver’s license.

As an end note, we would suggest that you do your research ahead of time and speak to multiple insurance companies. The more you know, the better. They will also let you know about your state’s requirements and limitations. If your car is on a loan or lease, the company that you have purchased from should have some sort of coverage in place. These types of insurance often cover more than just accidents; car theft, car damage due to weather conditions, fire, or riots, collision with animals such as deer and birds are common occurrences and often covered.

Lower your car insurance premium with all the tips and tricks that we have compiled for you as a guide and figure out what would be the right coverage for you.  The insurance companies in the state are under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Department of Insurance. If your car insurance company is causing issues, you can file a complaint.

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