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Michigan Car Insurance

Michigan is a no-fault auto accident state, which has an impact on the type of coverage that’s required. Additionally, changes that went into effect on July 2, 2020, may make you eligible for a cheaper policy. Either way, it’s against the law to have a vehicle that isn’t protected by Michigan car insurance.

As you may already know, rates can vary widely based on your location, age, vehicle and driving history. For instance, if you’re in Detroit, you’re likely to pay a lot more than you would in Ann Arbor. However, your Detroit rate could come down some if you’re over the age of 25 and have never been in an accident or gotten a ticket.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Michigan

There are several ways to reduce your premium rate aside from simply ensuring you’re a safe driver with a good record. Choosing an independent insurance agency to help you gather Michigan car insurance quotes is a great place to start. You’ll also want to utilize as many other discounts as possible.

1. Gather Quotes Before Buying a Car

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, it’s always wise to look for Michigan car insurance quotes online before you commit to a specific car. That’s due to the fact that each type of vehicle has its own risk assessment that will affect the premium rate.

Consider, for example, the difference between a flashy red sports car and a basic, boring looking but reliable car. The sports car carries a higher risk of theft and is more likely to catch the attention of the police for speeding tickets. Therefore, it’s natural that the boring but reliable car would come with a lower insurance rate. By gathering quotes before you make a purchase, you can avoid the sticker shock that comes with a higher premium.

2. Don’t Over Insure Your Vehicle

Are you driving an older vehicle? Check with an online site such as Kelley Blue Book to find out the car’s value. If it’s on the lower end, it may not make sense to keep paying for premium coverage.

3. Increase Your Deductible

As with all insurance policies, you can boost your deductible to save money. Be sure to pick a deductible rate that you could actually afford to cover if an accident occurs.

4. Work on Your Credit Rating

A good credit rating is the key to getting an easy discount for Michigan car insurance. Even if your rating isn’t all that great right now, you can always take steps to improve it, which can earn you a discount in the future.

5. Bundle Your Policies

An even easier way to save at least 5 percent is to purchase your auto and renters or homeowners policies from the same insurance provider.

6. Look into a Low Mileage Discount

Do you drive a short distance to work? Include this information when you’re discussing your needs with car insurance companies in Michigan.

7. Inquire About Your Liability Coverage and PIP?

As previously mentioned, Michigan car insurance law changed on July 2. Now, you need more liability coverage, but it’s no longer necessary to pay for unlimited personal injury protection (PIP). In fact, if you have health insurance that covers injuries from automobile accidents, you may be able to buy the best car insurance in Michigan for a drastically reduced rate.

8. Ask for Any Other Discounts

Many drivers overpay for automobile insurance because they don’t take the time to ask about other possible discounts. Always ask for Michigan car insurance quotes that take all possible circumstances into account, including your age and whether you belong to any specific organizations.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Michigan

Michigan car insurance rates have traditionally been almost double the national average. As of early 2020, the average answer to the question “how much is car insurance in Michigan?” was $3,096. Due to the new law, this rate will drop by at least $120 annually. There’s also room for drivers to select much lower premiums, but we won’t know until at least 2021 how that affects the overall average cost of car insurance in Michigan.

Shop Around for the Best Car Insurance Quotes in Michigan

There are pros and cons about every insurer. Getting the best car insurance rates in Michigan requires you to shop around and carefully consider the benefits, and any applicable drawbacks, of each company. Doing this can be complicated and time-consuming, which helps explain the prevalence of people who are currently overpaying for their policy. Fortunately, you don’t have to comparison shop on your own. Instead, turn to our independent agency for assistance!

Easily Get Michigan Car Insurance Quotes from Several Companies

We understand that buying a solid policy at a cheap rate is your primary goal. We also know that contacting an endless stream of agents can be tough, especially if you’re not a numbers person. That’s where our independent agency can come in very handy; we find out what you need and then gather quotes for you.

Unlike a typical agency, we’re not bound to just one business. Instead, we represent several of the top car insurance companies in Michigan Therefore, we can impartially shop the local competition on your behalf and present you with your best options.

Common Car Insurance Options in Michigan

If you’re looking in Michigan, this is the best way to do it! This information contains the new price change.


– Bodily Injury $50,000 – $100,000
– Property Damage $10,000

Personal Injury Protection

– Opt-Out (only works for those who have a qualifying plan)
– $50,000 (minimal option for Medicare)
– $250,000
– $500,000
– Unlimited

Property Protection Insurance

– $1 Million

Optional Coverage

– Collision
– Comprehensive
– Loan/Lease Payoff
– Limited Property Damage
– Roadside Assistance
– Rental Car
– Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury

Common Questions

The most common question people will ask us is how do I get my Michigan car insurance online? There are several sites available for you to ask questions of, but they’re not all going to reply. That’s the reason it’s easier to find an independent agency to answer every possible question.

Another common question is what additional perks do I need? We have them outlined above. However, this doesn’t actually experience them, or the limits imposed on each. Talk about them with your independent agency to find out what you need and how much to get.

Get Michigan Insurance Online

Talking with an independent agency is by far your best bet. After all, it allows you to wake up and smell the coffee, but it also gives you a fair sense of what’s happening in different businesses. We’re able to break down the prices listed by every member. By the time you get done speaking to the representative, you’re guaranteed to find the right plan for you!

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Michigan Cities?

Rank City Average Annual Rate
#1 Detroit Row 1, Content 2
Dearborn Dearborn Row 2, Content 2
Southfield Southfield Row 3, Content 2
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